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Market Research and Surveys

Market Research and Surveys

We are specialized in geo-coded data collection for local search and navigation industries. These content form the basis for Location Based Services (LBS). We conduct both contact and non-contact surveys. We have got vast experience of collecting geo-coded and value added data across India with a country-wide network of resources. The Point of Interests (POI) and Business Listings are collected, with value added details and images, using high precision GPS devices by trained resources. Yulop is focused on developing location based contents and solutions for Indian and emerging markets. Our extensive network, supported by local data processing expertise, would enable customers to make better decisions and deliver better solutions to the consumers.

We develop location based contents & solutions and market research solutions to corporate customers based upon their specific needs. We specialise in delivering value added contents to support our customers business strategy. Our extensive network and knowledge enables us to deliver high quality contents and insights at competitive prices.

With our vast experience in project execution (both prior, including in large companies, and working with large customers), we are confident of delivering right solutions on time be it a small project or project across multiple domains / locations.

  • Key Process Steps
  • Understand the customer needs, develop and sign-off Customer Requirements Specifications (CRS).
  • Define and agree upon the Project Processes and Quality Control mechanism (PPQC) for the project.
  • Project Planning, Execution and Delivery (PPED)
  • Status Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis (SMRA)

Geo-Coded Content

Every data is accompanied by corresponding geocode (latitude and longitude of the location) for easy and visual representation on any map (Google, Navteq, Yahoo etc) or Google Earth.

  • Business listings & POIs for local search applications and location based services (LBS).
  • Transit data such as bus stops and railway stations, parking bays etc for local transit applications
  • Utility data such as Transformers, feeders, water pipelines, sewages, oil pipe lines emergency phone installations on highways etc for utility mapping and status tracking.

Business Listings and POIs:

Business listings and POIs (Point of Interest) are key ingredients for local search and navigation applications. We understand the location accuracy, quality and coverage requirements of such data. We collect comprehensive data, including basic and value added information, required to make a well informed decision by its user. We have established a robust data collection and verification mechanism that enables us to deliver both quality and quantity commitments. We are also specialised in taking and delivering business / POI specific digital images enabling the user to have a better understanding of the information they are looking for.

We have trained and established team (FoS) across many Indian cities for on field data collection supported centrally by expert data processing and verification teams. We also conduct tele-verification and physical checks to enhance the accuracy of information.

Trasnit Data

Local transit information is one of the most sought after information by the general public to know how to go from one place to another within the city. This would include a combination of the bus routes, local trains, cabs etc. To provide comprehensive information to the users, one requires accurate information of the bus / train routes, stops (including Geocode), timings, fares etc. with depiction on a map. We have worked with local transport authorities to collect and collate such data required for releasing the applications by our customers. We have proven capability to get the complete transit details, along with images of stops as required.

Utility Data:

Locating and tracking utilities such as electric feeders, transformers, water pipe lines, sewage lines, oil pipe lines, customer site installations (solar water heater or any products), will be very useful in monitoring their performance. Geocoded information of these will help in representing them on a map along with all relevant details for timely decision making and actions.

GIS Services

Over the years we have built up considerable expertise in data capture, analysis and interpretation of data, digitizing information and Image processing. Some of our areas of experience include

  • Utility Mapping Power lines, Water and Sewage, Telephone etc.
  • Road Network Maps and Survey
  • Parcel Mapping
  • Nautical Chart analysis
  • Digital elevation mapping
  • Image processing - Color balance, Mosaicking of images, Data conversion etc.
  • Conversion of "As built" Civil and HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Architectural work.