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Business Data Processing

We have proven expertise in wide range of business data processing activities starting from data digitization, processing and analysis, verification & quality control, data mining, tele-verification and mapping. We also provide form processing services, including migration of data from one to another format.

Data Mining & Research

Data well collected, analysed and represented will make the decision making easier. A right decision made at the right time is the ingredient for positive result. With tons of data currently available on the net and growing significantly every day, web is a great source for all important data. However, mining the right data or content, analyzing them and representing them appropriately is the key to get relevant information.

We have got relevant expertise for conducting online research, systematic data mining from valid and public websites, processing them and reporting appropriately as required by the businesses. We ensure traceability of all data used for analysis. We can do this for any industry segment across the globe.

  • Key Activities
  • Business listing with geocodes
  • Geocoding for available list of businesses
  • Data mining for research and analysis
  • Product specifications and filters for E-commerce portals
  • Data mining and gathering for a string of information
  • Data mining across internet and social media

Data Processing & Analysis

We professionally manage data digitization, processing, standardisation and analysis, as per specific requirements and deliver in any format as required by the customer. We contribute to our customers' success by providing high quality services in data management and analysis at competitive prices.

We are committed to provide timely delivery of error free processed data on an ongoing basis. We continuously innovate in processes, quality control, value additions and demonstrate leadership in our field of work through customer focus and total employee involvement.

We specialize in processing the data collected through various methodologies like FOS, F2F, Web Surveys, CATI & PAPI, etc. We deliver value and exceed the expectations of our customers by establishing and practicing systematic processes and ensuring quality and timely delivery.

  • Key Activities
  • Setting up a regular processing chain to efficiently capture, process and analyse data.
  • Translating captured data into user-friendly formats.
  • Data standardisation as per internal or customer specified standard.
  • De-duplication and quality control to ensure data quality.
  • Analysis and reporting as per customer requirement or defined format.
  • System for live tracking of progress and status update to customer.

Data Verification & QC

We have expertise in verifying large quantity of data for its correctness, and QC checks to segregate useful data from the lot. This helps the customers to make effective use of large amount of data available with them. We conduct different types of verification and quality control depending upon the customer needs.

We effectively use technology – web and mobile tools, database scripts – to sort and improve the data quality to help customers to make best use of them. We will also provide complete QC reports for implementing actions to prevent future mistakes. We also undertake maintenance and upkeep of data received on regular basis and make them available in user-friendly formats for customers to use them as and when needed.

  • Key Activities
  • Visual inspection of the data by comparing between data sources and highlighting the differences.
  • Manual and automated verification to capture differences and standardise data representation, including data & spelling errors.
  • Tele-verification of business contact details and updations as required.
  • Location verification of business listings using a combination of manual and map-based applications.

Data Conversion

With many manual processes and multiple systems in every organisation, there will always be a need to convert the data from one form to another for various purposes. We provide data conversion services to our customers making them readily available for their use, in the format of their choice, as and when needed. We provide different kinds of data conversion services like:

We implement strict quality control measures to ensure delivery of high quality output to our customers.

  • Key Activities
  • Books to HTML, XML, XHTML, searchable PDF and MS Word.
  • Paper Documents / scanned images to MS Word.
  • Scanning and conversion of paper documents.
  • Scanned paper reports/images to Electronic Format.
  • HTML tagging activity.